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Web Design - 5 Important Points

When it comes to your web site and the way it should be designed, some extra attention must be paid to esure the web design performs optimally to serve its purpose. Please read through this article and learn about five important rules that are important to every web and to make sure your web site performs well.

1) Splash pages are bad in web design

Splash pages are the very first pages you see after you arrive at a web site. They normally have a really stunning image with words like "Hello" or "To Enter - Click here". The sad fact is, they're simply that - beautiful pictures that have no real goal in web design. I understand they are done to get a "Wow" effect but in reality they use Flash animations which load too long, so I personally quit the website if I have to wait more than few seconds to see the content. Don't let your guests have a reason to click on the "Go Back" button! Offer them the worth of your web site up front without using sloppy splash page.

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2) Excessive banner advertisements isn't a great idea too

Everybody tents to ignore banner advertisements therefore by using too many web banners you'll be wasting valuable website assets. As an alternative, offer a little better and more valuable content and weave relevant affiliate links into your content. Do let your guests feel comfortably to shop around for what they really need rather than being pushed to buy.

3) Simple and clear navigation is a must

The best way to design a clear web site it to produce a simple and straightforward navigation menu throughout your site so that even a young kid can fully understand it and use it with a happy face. Be careful with sophisticated Flash menus or multi-tiered dropdown menus that are used in web design and really look nice, but mess around by being too shiny and flashy. If your guests do not know the way to navigate, they're going to leave your web site straight away.

4) User must know where he is

When guests are deeply engrossed in browsing your web, you will need to take care of one simple thing that they recognize which part of the site they're in right now. That way, they're going to be ready to browse relevant data or navigate to any section of your site in an easy and simple way. Do not confuse your visitors as confusion leads to clicking "Close Tab" where your website is.

5) Avoid sounds and music in web design

If your visitor is going browse for a long period of time at your web site, reading your content, you'll wish to create positive approach that they don't seem to be irritated by some music playing round and round on your website. If you must add audio, ensure that they can control the volume of the music and that the volume controls are easy accessible.

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