Friday, 15 June 2012

How to Create a Graphic Design CV?

The best way to present your skills, experience, and education for potential employers and customers is to create a graphic design portfolio as an addition to your graphic design CV. When creating your CV you must remember about one very important thing - your portfolio is a separate item. Do not try to present your design skills within your CV. Suppress your love to design and get rid of fancy fonts, unnecessary graphics, page borders, or graphic page dividers. Simplicity is the key of designing your CV, so keep it easy to understand, professional, and organized.

Whatever the job position you are applying for, the graphic design CV should be tailored to present those skills which are needed and requested by the employer. It is not bad, and really a good plan, to keep a stock CV obtainable, updating it whenever you modify positions or complete a major freelance project. However, you must stay prepared to tailor your presentation and look of your graphic design CV depending on the job opportunity you hunting.

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Remember there are many necessary points you must include in your graphic design CV. Start from listing all of the computer programs, technologies, and skills you have captures, the level of knowledge of each one, and how long you have been familiar with particular skill, program, or technology. Do not forget about listing all the certifications or degrees you have granted so far. Not having any college degree should not be a problem and you can go over it stating the professional certifications or awards you have without a need of mentioning your high school education on your graphic design CV. Simply, try to enhance and boost the points you have got and focus on them.

Another necessary point which you cannot miss is to include information regarding your previous employments or freelance projects you have completed. I know this may be an obvious thing to do, but believe me, many designers still are not sure what employers look for and what information should be included in their experience. Any completed and well-designed freelance project and any experience in a industry should be mentioned when writing a graphic design CV. Listing jobs which are not industry related will harm your CV, and so do not mention previous positions such as warehouse or retail jobs. A properly written CV should outline only your talents and skills in a graphic design field and anything else is unimportant.

You must specify all achievements and a work related duties you were responsible for at each position, or in case of freelance projects you may have completed write what benefits did you bring to the company you were working for.

Ensure to add all your academic achievements, freelance projects, awards, and certifications as an addition to the section regarding your education. A lot of designers forget to add specific information about all the achievements they acquired when creating their CV.

Finally, the most effective factor you'll be able to do to ensure that your CV is ideal is to proofread your CV. If you are not certain that you just have caught everything, have somebody else proofread it for you. Submitting a graphic style CV that contains spell mistakes or other errors of any type might be assessed negatively and can tell your potential employer that you are not the right person to employ.

The Graphic Design CV article can be found on our design blog.

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